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How It Works A home that works for you, the way you want.


Simply Connect your Wiring with Curiousfly Amber by the help of a normal electrician


Integrate your Appliances and Devices to the Hub


Manage and control your home by voice, sensor, gadgets and many more

Control Simply Personalize your home with your touch and voice, get a home that responds to you.


Fly, Amber & Hub


Amazon echo, Google home


Mobile, Tablet & Smart Watch (Android & los)


Sensors will activate/deactivate the desired action by the appliances.

Configure Easily

Configuration is so easy, you can even set it up yourself.

LED Brightness Control
Door Lock
Swimming Pool
Door Bell

Warranty & Services

Free replacement warranty for the first five years

After warranty period replacement will be done with the refurbished units, and only the damaged component will be billed.

Why CuriousFly

  • Does Not Require Any CAT Cabling Or Home Automation DB

  • Easy Integrations With Gates, Curtains, Dimmable LED's, Sprinklers & Much More

  • Can Be Done By Any Normal Electrician

  • Mobile App Access To Home Appliances, With Normal Wiring

  • Reliable Automation platform to control locally from every room & doesn’t interrupt your normal switching in any case.

  • Together With Amazon Echo & Google Home, Control Your Home With Your Voice

  • No two way/master wiring required & provides built in fan regulator for manual switching & remote access.

  • Enabled with future software updations for the latest smart home integrations

Planning A Home? Your home is new, your switches should be too. With Curiousfly switches, get more out of every appliance, control your home better.

Planning a new home

Get timely consultation to ensure better budgeting and proper planning and wiring can be done.

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On-going site

Timely consultation in your on-going site will enable you to proceed with construction based on proper site supervision, electrician's assistance etc and reduce changes in the future.

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Renovation phase

Even if your home is just undergoing small paint job or a beautification, smart switches from Curiousfly can be installed with minimal tampering to the design and layout of your home.

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Customer Experiences See How Curiousfly Makes Life Simpler

All I need is the Curiousfly app and the away button helps me switch off all the home appliances in one go while keeping the necessary ones like the fridge, aquarium air etc on.

We were hesitant about taking long holidays and staying away from home overnight because it is too risky to leave the house unattended. Now that we have smart switches at home, we can keep our home so that it looks like we are at home and does not look like there is no one at home.

It has become possible for us to switch on the lights at home in the evenings, turn the sprinklers on at regular times, even when we are not at home or are busy elsewhere, these things run like clockwork and we do not have to worry about it.

Working in the kitchen can get messy especially during summers. I was really happy to see my mom using voice command to control the speed of the fan in the kitchen, she has taken to using the smart switches and its fun to watch her and alexa talk to each other and do things around the house.

Curiousfly alerts us when appliances like iron box or geyser are on for a long time and also when the lights are turned on during the day time. This has really helped us reduce our power bills to a large extent.

I keep traveling and it becomes a huge task to keep a check on whether the appliances at home are switched on or off. With Curiousfly app it's now easy to check from anywhere in the world.

After getting the latest iWatch I was a bit apprehensive about getting it connected to the curiousfly switches already installed at home. But to my absolute happiness, the software updates were already there and I had been worried in vain.

It is difficult to get out of the car waiting for the gate to be opened and closed again. The mobile app lets me control the gate without having to get out of the car. It is all the more helpful when on some days I forget to carry the remote of the gate and I can control the gate with the Curiousfly app.

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