Curiousfly is a leader & game-changer in transforming the electrical switches with the home automation skill set. Its "smart switches" does not require any CAT cabling or home automation DB. Curiousfly gives you mobile app access to home appliances, even with a normal wiring and can be done by an electrician. Together with Amazon echo & google home, it creates wonders with voice commands to your daily switching habits, while also providing easy integrations with gates, curtains, dimmable LED's, sprinklers & much more

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Curiousfly App

curiousfly app

Curiousfly App

A single app to control your whole home from anywhere, anytime.

Appliance Control

Status check and control of appliances from anywhere.


Schedule your appliances as per your routines.

Energy Monitoring

Monitor the energy consumption of your appliances. Set limit and get alerts.


Set custom scenes according to your mood for the weekend party or a movie.


Set timer for instant use of home appliances.

App Sharing

Extend app control to your family and guests.

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Bring about style and class to your rooms !

Amber Switch

curiousfly amber switch

Bring about style and class to your rooms !

Amber Switch

Reliable long lasting touch with vibration feedback and back light indication for night vision.

Amber comes with 8 switches and fan speed regulator.

Panic Button : Master switch brought to next level. Access from any room, turn on essentials loads and get mobile alerts.

Live button : For quick control of a group of appliances in your room with a single touch.

Both Normal and UPS powered with inbuilt surge protection.

Electrical wiring simpler than that of modular electric switches.

Hassle free installation by normal electrical technician or DIY.

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Always stay connected to your home!

Curiousfly Hub

curiousfly hub

Curiousfly Hub

Cloud remote access : Control your home appliances from anywhere using curiousfly app

Away mode : Turn off the entire home appliances with a single touch & retain the required ones like the refrigerator, aquarium air etc.

Integration to leading brands :Integrations with Amazon Echo, dimmable LED lights, curtains/blinds, gate/shutters, sprinkler, swimming pool and much more

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Any switch is movable now!!!

Fly Switch

curiousfly fly switch

Fly Switch

Curiousfly brings you a wireless – rechargeable – three switch unit for effortless control of appliances connected to Amber switch.

Customise the functions of Fly switch using Curiousfly App.

Fly switch replaces 2-way/bed switches and plug socket switches.

No pointing or Line Of Sight required like remotes..

Wondering about what Curiousfly can do for you?

Set your night lamps to turn Off automatically after late night reading.

Turn ON the AC and let your room cool even before you reach home/office using Curiousfly App.

Set the lights around your home to turn On & Off automatically as per routine even when you’re on a vacation.

No more doubting your appliance’s On status. Use Curiousfly app to check the status & control the appliances from anywhere.

Reach to grandparents or kids during any kind of health crisis or distressed situations with the help of “Panic“ feature.

Returned from your office, shopping or a tired sports workout? Now its just one touch to make your room come alive.

In a hurry to leave your home for vacation/office? No more running around to turn Off all the appliances, instead use Away mode.

Save energy through the right usage of Curiousfly features.